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Annual Report 2014

Centre for Image Analysis

Cover: Illustrations from the seven PhD theses presented at Centre for Image Analysis (CBA) during 2014. Further information in Section 4.2.

Front, top left
Erik Wernersson -- Selection of a wood fibre from a paper sheet for further characterisation.

Front, top right
Andreas Kårsnäs -- Automatic detection of sub-cellular structures in breast tumour tissue for the quantification of sub-cellular protein expression levels.

Front, bottom left
Jimmy Azar -- Multi-instance based feature descriptor of a tissue image: automatic extraction of lumen areas and profiling of surrounding regions by means of a progressively expanding set of neighborhood sampling rings.

Front, bottom right
Gustaf Kylberg -- Examples of classes in the Kylberg Texture Dataset. The texture samples are intensity normalized to have the same mean and standard deviation.

Back, top
Lennart Svensson -- The image series shows exploration of template matching results in an electron microscopy volume image. Left and center: two example registrations of a template IgG molecule. Right: visualization of the template to volume correlation for different rotations of the template.

Back, bottom left
Vladimir Curic -- Adaptive morphological operators differentiate objects with respect to their contrast and not the size of the shape. Left: Input image. Right: Morphological erosion with salience-based adaptive structuring elements.

Back, bottom right
Patrik Malm -- The biggest problem when analyzing Pap-smear specimen is to handle the many forms of debris that can be found across the specimen area. These obscure key structures and confuse analysis algorithms, leading to erroneous conclusions being drawn. Here, we illustrate four common types of debris found in Pap-smears. From top to bottom: Bacteria (small linear structures), leukocytes (dark circular objects), staining residues (dark flecks), and overlapping material.

Cover design:
Anton Axelsson

Edited by:
Gunilla Borgefors, Omer Ishaq, Filip Malmberg, Lena Nordström, Ingela Nyström, Sajith Kecheril Sadanandan, Ida-Maria Sintorn, Robin Strand

Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala, Sweden


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