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Seminars at CBA

  1. Gunilla Borgefors 
    Date: 20140113 
    Title: Choosing colours for scientific data presentation

  2. Alexandra Pacureanu 
    Date: 20140120 
    Title: Analyzing gene expression in preserved tissue and imaging in 3D semi-transparent biological samples on a low budget

  3. Petter Ranefall 
    Date: 20140127 
    Title: Experiences from working in the industry

  4. Patrik Malm 
    Date: 20140203 
    Title: Rehearsal before the public defense of the thesis

  5. Calum MacAuley 
    Date: 20140206 
    Title: Biomedical Optics for the Detection of Early Cancers 
    Comment: Calum MacAuley is with the Integrative Oncology Department, University of British Columbia.

  6. Gustaf Kylberg 
    Date: 20140317 
    Title: Automatic Virus Identification using TEM - Image Segmentation and Texture Analysis

  7. Walter Kropatsch 
    Date: 20140320 
    Title: Presentation of the Pattern Recognition and Image Processing (PRIP) Group. 
    Comment: Walter Kropatsch is with the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms, Vienna University of Technology.

  8. Ingrid Carlbom 
    Date: 20140324 
    Title: Picro-Sirius-HTX stain for blind color decomposition of histopathological prostate tissue

  9. Kalyan Ram Ayyalasomayajula 
    Date: 20140331 
    Title: Document binarization using topological clustering guided Laplacian Energy Segmentation

  10. Azadeh Fakhrzadeh 
    Date: 20140407 
    Title: Studying Arabidopsis cell structures using image analysis techniques

  11. Anant Madabhushi 
    Date: 20140410 
    Title: Computational pathology: Squeezing the most out of digitized histopathology 
    Comment: Madabhushi is with the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University.

  12. Anders Brun 
    Date: 20140414 
    Title: From quill to bytes, datamining collections of historical documents

  13. Fredrik Nysjö 
    Date: 20140505 
    Title: Custom Mandibular Implant Design with Deformable Models and Haptics

  14. Vladimir Curic 
    Date: 20140512 
    Title: Distance Functions and Their Use in Adaptive Mathematical Morphology

  15. Ida-Maria Sintorn 
    Date: 20140519 
    Title: MiniTEM - for fast and easy TEM imaging and analysis

  16. Richard Szeliski 
    Date: 20140528 
    Title: Reflections on Image-Based Modeling and Rendering 
    Comment: Richard Szeliski is with the Interactive Visual Media Group, Microsoft Research.

  17. Stefan Seipel 
    Date: 20140602 
    Title: Not quite perfect spherical triangles and what they are good for

  18. Thu Tran 
    Date: 20140602 
    Title: An interactive interface for multiple-resolution analysis of large images
    Comment: Master Thesis presentation.

  19. Erik Wernersson 
    Date: 20140609 
    Title: Local orientation in images

  20. Elisabeth Linnér 
    Date: 20140616 
    Title: Anti-Aliased Euclidean Distance Transform on 3D Sampling Lattices

  21. Several speakers 
    Date: 20140818 
    Title: ICPR poster and oral presentation rehearsal

  22. Fredrik Nysjö and Anders Hast 
    Date: 20140901 
    Title: Our new 2D and 3D projector

  23. Fillipe Dias Moreira de Souza 
    Date: 20140902 
    Title: Pattern Theory-Based Interpretation of Activities 
    Comment: Fillipe Dias Moreira de Souza is with the Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition Group, Computer Science and Engineering, University of South Florida. 

  24. Omer Ishaq 
    Date: 20140908 
    Title: Ground-truth annotation for real data sets

  25. Pontus Olsson 
    Date: 20140915 
    Title: A Novel Virtual Planning of Bone, Soft tissue and Vessels in Fibula Osteocutaneous Free Flap with the Uppsala Haptics-Assisted Surgery Planning (HASP) System

  26. Cris Luengo 
    Date: 20140922 
    Title: Path Openings

  27. Carolina Wählby 
    Date: 20140929 
    Title: An open-source platform for integration, automated analysis, and interactive visualization of tissue image data: TissueMaps

  28. Tomas Wilkinson 
    Date: 20141006 
    Title: Visualizing Document Images using Image-based Word Clouds

  29. Marco Loog 
    Date: 20141021 
    Title: Scale Selection for Supervised Image Segmentation 
    Comment: Marco Loog is with the Pattern Recognition Laboratory, Delft University of Technology.

  30. Bettina Selig 
    Date: 20141027 
    Title: The Evolution of the Stochastic Watershed

  31. Lennart Thurfjell 
    Date: 20141103 
    Title: Decision support in neurodegenerative diseases 
    Comment: Lennart Thurfjell is CEO at Combinostics.

  32. Ginevra Castellano 
    Date: 20141110 
    Title: Socially intelligent robots: closing the loop in human-robot interaction

  33. Willy Wriggers 
    Date: 20141125 
    Title: From Atoms to Living Organisms: Emergent Complexity of Multiscale Computational Modeling Comment: Frank Batten Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Program in Biomedical Engineering Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

  34. Erik Wernersson 
    Date: 20141126 
    Title: Rehearsal before the public defense of the PhD thesis

  35. Christophe Avenel 
    Date: 20141208 
    Title: Uppsala Automatic Prostate Malignancy Grading System: An Overview

  36. Alicia Fornés 
    Date: 20141215 
    Title: Recognition of the Historical Marriage License Books of the Cathedral of Barcelona
    Comment: Alicia Fornés spent a two-month period with us during Fall 2014

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