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Annual Report 2007

Centre for Image Analysis

Cover: Traditionally, we illustrate the PhD theses presented at CBA during the year on the frontpage. During 2007, there were no dissertations. Hence, the choice to illustrate a PhD thesis presented in 2008. Erik Vidholm successfully defended his thesis Visualization and Haptics for Interactive Medical Image Analysis on February 8, 2008.

Interactive medical image segmentation with haptic feedback. Here, the liver in a CT dataset is segmented with a deformable simplex mesh (top) and live-wire (bottom). The user interacts with the segmentation methods using a haptic device designed as a stylus.

Edited by:
Ewert Bengtsson, Kristin Norell, Ingela Nyström, Robin Strand, Lena Wadelius
Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala, Sweden

Printed in Sweden by University Printers, Uppsala University, 2008

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