Research activities

Below is a listing of the research areas the Centre for Image Analysis is involved in and research projects in each area. For more detailed information about the different projects, see the project descriptions in the latest CBA Annual Report.

Theory: discrete geometry and fuzzy methods

  • Skeletonization in 3D discrete binary images
  • Distance functions and distance transforms in discrete images
  • Comparison of gray weighted distance measures
  • Image processing and analysis of 3D images in the bcc and fcc grids
  • Defuzzification of fuzzy segmented objects

Quantitative Microscopy in Life Sciences

  • Analysis of light microscopy images
  • Analysis from electron microscopy images
  • Analysis from flourescence microscopy images

Medical Image Processing

  • Improved interactive medical image analysis through haptic display methods
  • Interactive organ segmentation from abdominal CT images


  • Efficient algorithms on the GPU

Digital Humanities

  • Hand-written text recognition

Examples of Previous CBA Projects

Biomedical Applications

Forestry-related Applications

  • Wood wisdom
  • Image analysis of the internal paper structure and cellulose based composite materials in 3D images
  • Log end feature extraction of untreated wood logs in saw mill environment
  • Quantification of the quality of wood fibres

Remote Sensing

  • Surtsey and Capelinhos, two contemporary submarine volcanoes

Miscellaneous Projects

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