3D Image Studio for Uppsala (3DIS4U)

(A view of the screen displaying a visualization in stereo)
(Sketch of the projector setup)

Stereoscopic display

The acronym 3DIS4U stands for "Three-dimensional image studio for Uppsala" and is the Visualization Lab located at the Centre for Image Analysis(CBA). As the name also implies (4U = for you), the visualization studio is available for anyone at the university who needs to visualize their data using a 3D stereoscopic display. The installed equipment use the modern INFITEC technology for 3D display, which really adds a new dimension to the data being displayed. The closeness to the UPPMAX high-performance computing facilities adds another exciting advantage. In fact, the studio has a direct link to the Isis cluster. Thus, it will be possible for all researchers using the UPPMAX resources to run their applications on Isis and at the same time visualize the data being computed and interact with it in real-time.


The following hardware is at disposal for this project.

(Close-up of the two projectors)
(The different kinds of models of glasses)


Software used so far in this project:


For technical question about the display or for support with visualization contact UPPMAX visualization expert, Anders Hast

Scheduling and reservation questions should be sent to the host for the seminarie room at CBA, Milan Gavrilovic