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Annual Report 2015

Centre for Image Analysis

Cover: Illustrations from the four PhD theses presented at Centre for Image Analysis (CBA) during 2015. Further information in Section 4.2.

top left
Azadeh Fakhrzadeh -- Fluorescent images of hypocotyl and stem of Arabidopsis plant.
Linear SVM classification result for 21-day old (dag) hypocotyls: xylem vessels (red) and parenchyma (green), cells of the cambial zone (dark blue), phloem fibers (yellow), phloem (blue), cortical cells (purple).

top right
Pontus Olsson -- Haptic interaction with a 3D model of a mandible with fractures.

bottom left
Bettina Selig -- ``Watershed cats''
The seeded watershed reliably detects the boundary between neigbouring regions, when one seed is placed anywhere in each of the two regions. When both seeds are placed in the same region, the seeded watershed might find parts of the boundary. The stochastic watershed utilizes these two features to create a probability density function of the most salient contours in an image.

bottom right
Elisabeth Linnér -- Illustration of different voxel shapes; cubes, rhombic dodecahedra, and truncated octahedra.

Cover design:
Anton Axelsson

Edited by:
Marine Astruc, Gunilla Borgefors, Filip Malmberg, Lena Nordström, Ingela Nyström, Sajith Kecheril Sadanandan, Robin Strand

Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala, Sweden

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