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Attended conferences

  1. Conference: EXDIN project kick-off conference 
    Ewert Bengtsson 
    Date: 20150112-20150113 
    Address: Åkeshovs slott, Stockholm 
    Comment: The start of the two year project on digital pathology

  2. Conference: Medical Engineering in Uppsala 
    Ewert Bengtsson, Robin Strand 
    Date: 20150211
    Address: Uppsala Academic Hospital 
    Comment: Bengtsson was one of the organizers of this event to discuss the plans for a Medical Engineering Research Center in Uppsala

  3. Conference: Swedish Symposium on Image Analysis (SSBA 2015) 
    Christophe Avenel, Ewert Bengtsson, Gunilla Borgefors, Anders Brun, Anders Hast, Kristína Lidayová, Joakim Lindblad, Elisabeth Linnér, Nataša Sladoje, Ingela Nyström, Petter Ranefall, Ida-Maria Sintorn, Robin Strand, Carolina Wählby 
    Date: 20150316-20150318 
    Address: Ystad Saltsjöbad
  4. Conference: MoMIC Mobile microscopy workshop 
    Ewert Bengtsson 
    Date: 20150326 
    Address: Karolinska Institute, Stockholm 
    Comment: A half day conference on new compact microscopy techniques

  5. Conference: Vitalis workshop on digital pathology 
    Ewert Bengtsson 
    Date: 20150422 
    Address: Göteborg 
    Comment: A whole day conference on digital pathology organized by the ExDIN project, part of the huge Vitalis Fair

  6. Conference: Inauguration of the 7T MR Camera 
    Ingela Nyström 
    Date: 20150519 
    Address: Lund University

  7. Conference: Swedish Bioimaging 6th National Meeting 
    Ingela Nyström 
    Date: 20150520 
    Address: Lund University

  8. Conference: Women in Science, Pathways to Excellence 
    Nataša Sladoje, Joakim Lindblad 
    Date: 20150522-20150522 
    Address: UU

  9. Conference: International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology (ISMM 2015) 
    Teo Asplund, Gunilla Borgefors, Christer Kiselman, Adama Arouna Koné 
    Date: 20150527-20150529 
    Address: University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland 
    Comment: Borgefors was Session Chair. Koné's participation was supported by the International Science Programme.

  10. Conference: IT in Uppsala 50 years 
    Ewert Bengtsson 
    Date: 20150527-20150527 
    Address: Polacksbacken, UU 
    Comment: The 50 year celebration and launching of the history book

  11. Conference: 19th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis (SCIA 2015) 
    Ewert Bengtsson, Ingela Nyström 
    Date: 20150615-20150617 
    Address: Copenhagen, Denmark 
    Comment: Nyström Session Chair.

  12. Conference: 11th IEEE International Conference on e-Science 
    Ingela Nyström 
    Date: 20150831-20150903 
    Address: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, Germany 
    Comment: Nyström was Session Chair.

  13. Conference: Society day of the Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala 
    Gunilla Borgefors 
    Date: 20150901 
    Address: Gustavianum, Uppsala

  14. Conference: International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing, ICIAP 2015 
    Gunilla Borgefors 
    Date: 20150909-20150911 
    Address: Genova, Italy 
    Comment: Borgefors was Session Chair

  15. Conference: WomENcourage 
    Kristína Lidayová 
    Date: 20150924-20150926 
    Address: UU
    Comment: Lidayová was main photographer of the conference.

  16. Conference: AAOMS (American Association for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons), Annual Meeting 
    Pontus Olsson 
    Date: 20150928-20151003 
    Address: Washington, DC, USA. 
    Comment: Demonstrated the HASP (Haptics-Assisted Surgery Plannng) project

  17. Conference: MICCAI 2015, International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention 
    Marine Astruc, Robin Strand 
    Date: 20151006-20151008 
    Address: Munich, Germany

  18. Conference: CIM Workshop on Machine Learning 
    Nataša Sladoje, Joakim Lindblad 
    Date: 20151008-20151009 
    Address: UU

  19. Conference: Nordic Digital Pathology Workshop 
    Ewert Bengtsson 
    Date: 20151103-20151104 
    Address: Linköping
    Comment: Our two Indian guests Rajesh Kumar and Dr Sujathan also took part in this conference

  20. Conference: Nordic Symposium on Digital Pathology 
    Petter Ranefall 
    Date: 20151103-20151104 
    Address: Linköping

  21. Conference: AO Courses 
    Pontus Olsson 
    Date: 20151212-20151216 
    Address: Davos, Switzerland 
    Comment: Demonstrated the HASP (Haptics-Assisted Surgery Planning) project.

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