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Publications at CBA 1989 - 1999

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Publications in 1988

Journal and Book Chapters

Author Title Context
T. Lindell, K. Sörensen Erfaringer med bruk av satellitfjernmåling Limnos 4:1998

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Author Title Context
J. Arnqvist Semiautomatic classification of secondary healing ulcers in multispectral images. The 9th Int. conference on pattern recognition, Rome 1988

Other Publications

Author Title Context
B. Dahlqvist Application of decision models to some problems in image analysis. Dissertation
B. Dahlqvist, B. Nordin Recognition and Classification of Cancer Cells in an Image Analysis System Research report 88-1 Dept. of Statistics, Uppsala University
T. Lindell Gävle Kustvatten. Användning av fjärranalys i fysisk planering Gävle 1988
T. Lindell Remote Sensing in Marine Surveying: Needs for Implementation and Effective Use in Africa. In Aquisition of Marine Surveying Technologies. Addis Abada Report of the expert group meeting 19-23 October 1987. United Nation, NY