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Cover: Illustrations from the five PhD theses presented at CBA during 2011. Further information in Section 4.2.

Top, left
Hamid Sarve -- (Left) Rendered surface of a 3D image volume of a bone implant sample. The regions where the implant is in contact with bone tissue are superimposed on the surface. (Right) This surface is unfolded to a 2D image. Black dashed lines show the approximate location of the peaks of the threads. The vertical red line indicates the corresponding angles in the two images.

Top, right
Filip Malmberg -- Surface rendering of the skeleton and a number of organs, segmented from a CT volume image using a semi-automatic method.

Milan Gavrilovic -- Quantitative spectral decomposition in histopathology: removal of light scattering area is followed by automated identification of stained tissue components.

Bottom, left
Amin Allalou -- (Back) Single cell analysis. (Front) Zebrafish tomography and jawbone segmentation.

Bottom, right
Khalid Niazi -- (Left) Original image suffering from intensity inhomogeneity. (Right) Result of applying the proposed filtering method which is based on the grey-weighted distance transform of the magnitude spectrum.

Cover design:
Gustaf Kylberg

Edited by:
Ewert Bengtsson, Vladimir Curic, Lena Nordström, Ida-Maria Sintorn, Robin Strand, Erik Wernersson

Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala, Sweden

Printed in Sweden by the University Printers, Uppsala University, 2012


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