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Front Cover

Annual Report 2008
Centre for Image Analysis

Cover: Illustrations from two of the PhD theses presented at CBA during 2008. The PhD thesis defended by Erik Vidholm in February 2008 was on the cover of the Annual Report 2007. Further information in Section 4.3.

Robin Strand -- The shape of a volume picture element (voxel) in the densely packed body-centered cubic grid (bcc).

Patrick Karlsson Edlund -- A muscle fibre model showing the myonuclear domains and nuclei centroids.

Cover design:
Gustaf Kylberg, Hamid Sarve

Edited by:
Ewert Bengtsson, Kristin Norell, Ingela Nyström, Lena Wadelius, Erik Wernersson

Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala, Sweden

Printed in Sweden by University Printers, Uppsala University, 2009

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