Seminars at CBA, Spring 2004

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The Nest: Managing a complex relational dataset

Lina Martinsson

Architectural Association School of Architecture
Master of Art thesis presentation

The face-centered cubic grid and the body-centered cubic grid

Robin Strand

Harmonic functions, graphs and clusters

Ola Weistrand

Layer Segmentation in Cross-section Images of Board

Ingemar Holmkvist
Master thesis presentation

Haptic volume rendering

Erik Vidholm

Introduction of some Pre-Clinical PET methodologies

Pasha Razifar

Camera specification issues for underwater imaging

Julia ┼hlÚn

Fuzzy shape analysis

Natasa Sladoje

A preprocessing method for better segmentation

Mats Erikson

Developement of the fibre orientation analyser SPADES: a system using polarization-axis direction estimation

Simon Hensing
Master thesis presentation

Queue-based algorithms in Image Analysis

Xavier Tizon

Classification of Proteins in Electron Tomography Reconstructions

Magnus Gedda
Master thesis presentation

Multi-camera arrangement for teat detection in robotic milking

Maria Petterson & Johan Andren Dinerf
Master thesis presentation

Spherical Linear Interpolation of Quaternions

Anders Hast

On modelling nonlinear variation in discrete appearances of objects

Felix Wehrmann


Tony Barrera
Barrera Kristiansen AB

Unique descriptive signatures

Hamed Hamid Muhammed

Continuous digitization in Khalimsky spaces

Erik Melin

Automatic classification of images detected in Gyrolab(TM)

Pontus Olson
Master thesis presentation

Hierarchical template based segmentation of proteins in TEM-volumes

Ida-Maria Sintorn

Image analysis as a tool to characterize layering in stratified paper

Maria Sannes Lande
Master thesis presentation

Improvement of stereo matching algorithm

Robert Hadefjell

Basic Computer Graphics Theory Explained

Patrick Karlsson

Some methods and results in temcell tracking

Chunming Tang

Implementation proposal, analysis and investigation of possible methods for reading license plates using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Tarek Kasim
Master thesis presentation

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