Seminars at CBA, Spring 2002

Image input in IMP

Per Bengtsson

(Project work)

Is vision more than a good guess?

Felix Wehrmann

Surface Area Estimation of Digitized 3D Objects using Local Computations

Joakim Lindblad

About feature sets for cytometry of digitized microscopic images

Ewert Bengtsson

Wavelets for Texture Analysis

HyunJu Choi

School of Information and Computer Engineering
Inje University, Korea

Algorithms for registration of gel images produced in 2D electrophoresis experiments

Anna Persson

(Presentation of Master thesis)

Faster Shading by equal Angle Interpolation of Vectors

Anders Hast

New sensors for our coral reef mapping

Tommy Lindell

Using a New Class of Neuro-Fuzzy Systems for Unsupervised Image Segmentation (Data Clustering in General)

Hamed Hamid Muhammed

A survey of shape representation techniques for discrete image analysis

Yukiko Kenmochi

School of Information Science, JAIST, Japan
Laboratoire A2SI, ESIEE, France

Discrete surface representation and 3D border tracking algorithm

Yukiko Kenmochi

School of Information Science, JAIST, Japan
Laboratoire A2SI, ESIEE, France

Some practicalities: Creating high-resolution PDF files from LaTeX source + The new compression standard: JPEG2000

Mattias Aronsson

Acquisition and Colour Correction of Underwater Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images

Julia Åhlen

Area of and Volume Enclosed by Digital and Triangulated Surfaces

Ingela Nyström

A brief introduction about functionality and physics of the animal PET camera

Pascha Razifar

Bio-optical modelling in combination with remote sensing

Petra Ammenberg

Plaque burden index measurement by whole body contrast enhanced MRA

Xavier Tizon

Medial representations of greylevel images

Stina Svensson

Brownian motion and its usefulness in image analysis

Mats Eriksson

Improved Fundamental Algorithms for Fast Computer Graphics

Anders Hast

Difficulties in segmentation of HIV cores in 3D reconstructions from transmission electron micrographs

Ida-Maria Sintorn

Differences between 1D and 2D obstacle plates in lenses

Fredrik Bergholm

Parametrization of closed discrete surfaces, a new algorithmic approach

Ola Weistrand

Hierarchical decomposition of multi-scale skeletons

Gunilla Borgefors

Hamed Hamid Muhammed
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