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Presentationsinformation     2018-03-01 (12:30)   •  ITC 2446

Talare Maike Paetzel  (HCI)
Titel Half-Time Ph.D. Seminar
Sammanfattning In my PhD, I am investigating the influence of interactions on the perception of uncanny in a robot. While the so-called uncanny valley effect has been researched for several years, the focus was mainly on the perception of still images or short video-clips. How interactions influence an initial uncanny perception of a robot specifically in the long-run has rarely been investigated so far. This half-time seminar will take 2 hours. In the beginning, I will give an in-depth presentation about the focus of my PhD and how the research I have conducted so far contributes to this topic. In addition, I will give an outline of the plan for the upcoming years of my PhD. In the second part, there is a discussion and feedback session with the audience.