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Presentationsinformation     2018-02-19 (15:15)   •  4307

Talare Yomna Abdelrahman  (HCI)
Kommentar HCI Lab at the University of Stuttgart
Typ External presentation
Titel Thermal Imaging for Interactive Systems
Sammanfattning ABOUT THE SEMINAR Thermal cameras have recently drawn the attention of HCI researchers as a new sensory system enabling novel interactive systems. They are robust to illumination changes and exhibit different characteristic that distinguishes thermal cameras from their RGB or depth counterparts, for instance; thermal reflection and thermal transfer. In this talk, I will present different thermal imaging property and how we can utilize them to enable and extend interaction techniques, as well as amplifying the human visual sensing. Furthermore, I will present the outcomes of the research conducted during my PhD. Finally, I will present the proposed project and the research to be conducted during my visit. ABOUT THE PRESENTER Yomna graduated from the German University in Cairo, Egypt in 2010. Afterwards she came to Stuttgart University, Germany for her international Computer Hardware and Software Master program. In 2013, Yomna wrote her Master-thesis under the supervision of Albrecht Schmidt. After receiving her Masterís Degree in October 2013, she joined the hcilab at the university of Stuttgart as a research associate and PhD candidate. Her research focuses on Thermal Imaging operating in the far-infrared spectrum and novel interactive systems. Yomna has been involved in the FeuerWeRR BMBF project with the firefighters, aiming to support firefighters during their work, while considering the cognitive load during the interaction of the build device. Yomna's visit to our division is supported by the Gender Equality departmental fund