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Presentationsinformation     2018-01-19 (10:00)   •  Faculty Room, Ångström laboratory

Talare Marta Kristín Lárusdóttir  (HCI)
Kommentar Reykjavik University
Typ External presentation
Titel Integrating UCD in Agile Projects in Industry: Research Results and Future Work
Sammanfattning Marta will give a talk on the interplay between usability activities and agile software development processes used in the IT industry. Marta has conducted research on this topic for many years collaborating with international researchers and students. Marta will give a summary of the results of these studies and describe future work on this important topic. Marta Larusdottir is an Associate Professor at Reykjavik University with a PhD in Human-computer interaction. Marta has extensive leading knowledge in the area of evaluation and user feedback in software development. Particularly, she is a well known researcher in agile software development and how the user perspective is integrated in agile processes and has written several papers and arranged workshops on that subject. This presentation will be followed directly by the presentation by prof. Torkil Clemmensen.