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Presentation Information     2017-11-20 (14:15)   •  4307

Speaker Stefan Seipel  (CBA)
Title Multi-Criteria Decision Making based on Multilayer Raster Images
Abstract Siting problems occur frequently in the geosciences and they often require complex decision making based on multiple criteria that are represented as multiple attribute maps. Aggregation techniques are typically used to simplify decision making. However, this process lacks e.g. introspection by the user. This talk will introduce Even Swaps (ES) - a general method to make complex decisions more rational using trade-offs. Visual GISwaps is a novel technique that brings ES into the field of geospatial decision making based on large raster images. The presentation will demonstrate some first results of using Visual GISwaps in a siting problem and it will discuss its potential and limitations for other image analysis problems.