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Presentationsinformation     2016-11-28 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Leslie Solorzano  (CBA)
Titel Visualization, analysis and quantification of pulmonary parenchyma deformations in 3D images in presence ARDS
Sammanfattning Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is a life threatening res piratory condition characterized by hypoxemia (low oxygen), change in tissue homogeneity, inflammation and increased permeability in the lung. ARDS is a very heterogeneous pathology both in causes and anatomy. In most cases mechanical ventilation is needed to keep patients alive while the cause is treated. The objective of the work presented in this report is to obtain and display data found from lung CT scans to assess ventilation parameter settings and reduce collateral damage produced by an unfitting ventilation. A general method for lung aeration quantification is proposed along with a measure for tissue inhomogeneity and tissue expan sion. The general quantification method allows for a global, regional or local measure. This method is used in the context of the project to calculate local recruitment, i.e, opening of collapsed alveoli, enabling to locate and measure the impact of successfully reopened regions. We calculate the Jacobian, i.e, determinant of the matrix of all the first order partial derivatives of the transformation fields derived from image registration, to assess local volume change during the breathing cycle. We find inhomogeneity in the image to measure density changes in the lung tissue and its relationship with its resistance to the recruitment. The result of this method is to produce maps for the desired measures. We present maps for localized recruitment, inhomogeneity and tissue expansion/contraction.