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Presentation Information     2016-11-21 (15:15)   •  2146

Speaker Anders Persson  (HCI)
Comment Classical and Modern Papers in HCI
Title Paper-seminar, Construal-Level Theory of Psychological Distance
Abstract In this seminar we will discuss the article, and concept of; "Construal-Level Theory of Psychological Distance", by Trope and Liberman (2010). This concept has spawned a lot of new research, and their framework entails; that the more distanced we (mentally) construe an object/situation, it will become more abstract. This affect how we think about this object or situation, and more importantly, our actions related to it.

I recommend to focus on chapters I-III, for background and motivation to the concept, and chapters V-VI, about effects on actions. We could have and discussion about the solidity of the concept itself, and about the relevance of the effects on actions. For example; How does it relate to decision-making, IT-systems, and IT-design methodology?

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