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Presentation Information     2016-06-13 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Stefan Seipel  (CBA)
Title Geospatial Information Science – Current Activities and Opportunities
Abstract Recent advances in sensors for capturing detailed geographic models, as well as for collecting position data have led to wide spread use of geographical information systems and various situations of our daily lives. In my talk I will present recent developments at the University of Gävle within this field. I will address this in terms of existing and new teaching programs in this area, as well as in relation to ongoing research within the research group in Geospatial information science (GIS). Through this talk I would like to create an awareness of the fact that computerized image analysis, visualization, and interactive techniques are very relevant parts of GIS and by that I hope to open up for a discussion on collaboration opportunities in this field.