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Presentationsinformation     2016-03-07 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Fredrik Wahlberg
Titel What have we learned about learning?
Sammanfattning Inspired by the paper "A Taxonomy of Deep Convolutional Neural Nets for Computer Vision" I've spent some time thinking about where learning can be used more in my own work. Inspired by a more classical seminar form, I would like everyone's thoughts and perspectives on how we are using learning today at Vi2 and if this can/should be extended. Using my own work as examples, I will present interpretations on (non-)learning paradigms to set the stage and provoke discussion. I do not intend for us to talk about specific methods in detail (in the interest of time and inclusiveness) but more on how we think about learning, degrees of freedom and constraints in modelling, and hand crafting methods.