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Presentation Information     2015-10-23 (13:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Yvonne Roger
Comment Please note that the seminar i held in Polhemsalen 10134 Ångström, Uppsala University
Type External presentation
Title How will people manage to live in a future world of IoT
Abstract With the ascendancy of AI, data science and IoT – an over-arching goal is to strive for optimization, safety and efficiency through removing the user out of the loop. The user interface as we know it will cease to be. Example technologies, such as driverless cars, smart buildings, and domestic robots, will literally take the control out of the hands of users. Do we want to be moving ever more towards a future of ‘user-less’ interfaces? What will become of the relationship between people and computers? In my talk I argue for a future where new technologies continue to be designed to augment rather than replace people. I suggest alternative ways of engaging people in a world of connected devices based on some of the research we have been working on in connected cities.