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Presentation Information     2015-03-09 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Shweta Premanandan
Title Role of Culture in the adoption of e-government services
Abstract Starting early 1980s a lot of studies emerged where researchers aimed at understanding factors that affect the adoption of an information system. Constructs like System quality, service quality, information quality, ease of use, perceived ease of use, net benefits, intention to use etc. have been studied to understand what drives the adoption of an IT system in an organization. An understanding of culture at various levels is important as it can influence the use of an IT system by users. Culture is a challenging construct to discuss as it has multiple divergent definitions and measures. An e-government service is a service offered by the government to its citizens using Information and Communication technologies. Understanding one’s national culture plays a major role in determining the best way to design and offer an e-service by the government to its people. The main aim of my research would be to understand the dynamics of culture at a national level and using it as a lens in determining the adoption of e-government services.