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Presentation Information     2014-02-24 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Anette Löfström
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Title Implementing a Vision- Summarising a Thesis Project
Abstract This thesis project has investigated an Intranet based leadership strategy in the City of Stockholm. The fieldwork has been utilised through three field studies; one interview study, one open and unstructured survey and a five week long ethnographical study at a preschool. Used methods during the fieldwork were participative observations, semi-structured interviews and an open and unstructured survey. Theoretical concepts are: culture, lifeworld, trust, sense making and sense unmaking, phenomenology and hermeneutic. The concept of leadership is used as well. The purpose with the seminar is to give an overview of the research process and its main results. A heavy focus will be on the theory and to try to clarify it in a popular scientific way.