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Presentation Information     2006-02-28 (11:00)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Jesper Renck
Type Master thesis presentation
Title Automatisk kameraövervakning av spillfåran för att öka allmänhetens säkerhet
Abstract This thesis was partly aimed at surveying possible applications for image analysis within hydropower and partly to designing and developing a prototype for one application. The survey shows that, for most of the propositions, the need is too small compared to the possible failure rate of the advanced technical equipment. From the eleven evaluated proposals one of them “automatic camera-surveillance of the dried river-bed for increased public safety”, was selected for further work. The further work included a preliminary study which led to a specification for the system. This study found that the risks where not very high but that surveillance could be motivated for 23 of Vattenfall’s 53 hydropower plants. After this a prototype was developed, based on segmentation of movement in the image-sequence, analysis of the movements based on shape, size and speed were used to separate movement of interesting objects from movement in background of the scene. The evaluation of the system shows the performance for a few representative test-cases. The result is well acceptable under good to medium light conditions and normal visibility. The algorithm detect and track the interesting object both moving and when standing still. False alarms appear but are few and mainly appear in connection with the interesting object.