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Presentationsinformation     2013-03-08 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Mariana Bustamante
Typ Master thesis presentation
Titel Detection and quantification of small changes in MR-volumes
Sammanfattning This project is an attempt to solve the problem of comparing two MRI brain volumes of the same subject taken at different times, and detect the location and size of the differences between them, especially when such differences are too small to be perceived with the naked eye. The research focuses on a combination of registration and morphometry techniques already existent in order to create two different possible solutions. The resulting methods were implemented as modules for 3D Slicer, an already existent software for medical image analysis and visualization. Both methods are tested on two types of experiments: Artificial experiments, in which made-up differences of distinct sizes are added to volumes of healthy subjects; and real experiments, in which MRIs of actual patients from the Uppsala University Hospital were compared. The presentation will include a theoretical introduction in order to explain the methods used in the development of the tools, how the proposed solutions were implemented, examples of the experiments performed, the results obtained, conclusions and future works related to the project.