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Presentation Information     2013-02-11 (13:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Helena Bernáld
Type External presentation
Title Intercultural Seminar: The Importance of Intercultural Competence in Today’s Global Society
Abstract Location: ITC 1212 With the rapid and ever expanding globalization of the workforce, and with cultural diversity everywhere in society, intercultural collaborations are becoming part of everyday life for people of most professions. This is perhaps particularly true for computer engineers and scientists, with modern technology not only allowing for, but sometimes requiring outsourcing, off-shoring and numerous other types of international collaborations. Intercultural competence has therefore become one of the central professional competencies needed for students and professionals in higher education today. Becoming interculturally competent requires more than just spending time in a foreign culture, or studying its language or history. It involves a combination of knowledge, attitude and skills that together will allow you to successfully interact with people from other cultures. This seminar will explore the concept of Intercultural Competence and why it is essential in today’s global society. We will focus specifically on the impact our culturally inherent values have on our communication style, cooperation, decision making, leadership style and a number of other aspects in different professional and social situations.