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Presentationsinformation     2012-10-29 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Ewert Bengtsson
Titel Computer assisted pathology past experiences and future prospects
Sammanfattning Visual examination of histopathology specimens is an essential component of medical diagnosis; cancer malignancy grade is always determined by visual inspection of biopsy material. Inspection of cytology specimens, so called PAP-smears for early detection of cervical cancer is the most effective method for preventing cancer developed so far. Ever since the advent of digital computers, there have been attempts to use digital image analysis as a supplement to visual examination. But despite promising research in computer assisted analysis, clinical pathology has been slow to adopt the results. With the introduction of slide scanners, one impediment to the adoption of computer assisted methods is removed; digital slides have paved the way for computer assisted analysis of the pathology specimens. In this presentation I will outline the historical developments of digital pathology and discuss some key aspects of pathology image analysis, such as the utilization of spectral information provided by stains for image segmentation, classification of tissue components, interpretation of different architectural patterns, and classification or grading of the specimens according to established standards or related to other clinically relevant end-points. The presentations will mainly be illustrated by examples from our work here in Uppsala over the past 40 years, with examples of the analysis of most common cancers, e.g., prostate, cervical and breast. It will also present the true pioneers of quantitative microscopy.