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Presentation Information     2012-05-30 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Max Morén
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Type Master thesis presentation
Title Efficient Volume Rendering on the FCC and BCC grids
Abstract In volumetric visualization, the body centered grid and its reciprocal, the face centered cubic grid, are despite their good sampling properties underrepresented regarding available rendering software and tools. Described in this thesis is the development of an extension for the volume rendering engine Voreen implementing two recently presented GPU accelerated reconstruction algorithms for these grids, along with a simple nearest neighbor filter. The performance and rendering quality of the new raycasters is measured and compared to Voreen's existing Cartesian cubic ray caster. The results show that rendering of data in the body centered and face centered cubic format using the new raycasters is possible at interactive frame rates while maintaining comparable visual quality, using consumer grade graphics cards. The goal is for the produced software to be useful for efficiently visualizing results from experiments with the BCC and FCC grids and thus help make such data easier to observe.