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Presentation Information     2011-12-19 (14:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Elhassan Mohamed Abdou
Type Master thesis presentation
Title Visual planning and verification of deep brain stimulation interventions
Abstract A high frequency electric field that is introduced in the brain, has resulted in a renaissance as an alternative way for treatment for involuntary movement disorder. During the Deep Brain Stimulation operation, leads are chronically implanted in the brain nearby some deep brain centers. In this thesis, the Voreen toolkit was extended to visually insert in the CT and the MRI images of the brain the electric leads. The brain was segmented from the T1 MRI volume. Some image processing tools were implemented to enhance the appearance of the data. The electric leads were modeled and integrated to the constructed volume from the CT and MRI data. Finally a mesh representation using delaunay refinement triangulation of the brain and lead was generated to be sent to a PDE solver.