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Presentation Information     2005-11-23 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Dr. P.M.K. Alahakoon
Comment Head, Department of Agriculture Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Type External presentation
Title Digital imaging and instrumentation applications in agriculture - Sri Lankan perspective
Abstract The Department of Agricultural Engineering of the Faculty of Agriculture has been contributing to the B.Sc. Agricultural Technology and Management degree program of the University of Peradeniya by offering courses in many relevant fields of Engineering applications in Agriculture. The advanced training provided and the research conducted by the department cover classical fields such as hydrology, soil mechanics, machinery, energy and waste management, together with several more modern aspects such as GIS and remote sensing, electronics and instrumentation, and digital image processing.

Due to the limitations in acquiring advanced hardware resources, work related to applications of digital image processing and instrumentation could only be conducted with emphasis given to providing the knowledge and training to students. Most of the research, both in the field of instrumentation and in image processing, were planned with limited hardware, with special emphasis being given to low cost approaches to suit the country as well as the existing resources of the University. The software developed were also geared towards imparting a solid foundation knowledge and training to the students on implementing basic algorithms in an effective manner to achieve the expected outcomes rather than depending on high-end software. Most programs written by the undergraduate and graduate students were developed as stand-alone software packages that will work on general Windows based platforms.

Several research projects in digital image processing applications and instrumentation applications related to agriculture and food processing will be discussed.