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Presentation Information     2010-12-17 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Anthony Maeder
Comment School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Type External presentation
Title The UWS
Abstract The "FutureHealth" Lab at University of Western Sydney was set up to allow multiple, high data rate collection of measurements and observations from human activities concerned with health research. For instance, fine scale location/position measurements, movement/ambulatory measurements, vital signs measurements through wearable devices, use of home telecare stations to log patient condition, interactions with assistive devices and portable/mobile computing/display devices, etc. It can be reconfigured to simulate a living environment such as a room or apartment, and to capture video/audio and allow interactive display-based communication with the experimental subjects. Some examples of healthcare projects underway in the lab will be given, including logging and visualization of vital signs for chronic disease management, and web-based mobile-enabled tools for wellness/preventative health programs.

Brief CV
Anthony Maeder is Professor of Health Informatics at University of Western Sydney in Australia. He was previously Research Director of the CSIRO eHealth Research Centre in Brisbane, from 2004-8. Prior to that, he followed an academic career as Head of School in Engineering at University of Ballarat and subsequently at Queensland University of Technology Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering. His earlier appointments were at Monash University in the Department of Computer Science, where he undertook his PhD in Software Engineering. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia and was the founding President of the Australian Pattern Recognition Society. He is currently chair of the Standards Australia IT-14-12 Telehealth Subcommittee and a member of the IT-14 Health Informatics Committee Australian delegation to ISO/CEN meetings. He is a Board Member of the Health Informatics Society of Australia and the Australian representative for the International Medical Informatics Association.