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Presentation Information     2010-11-08 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Åsa Nyflött
Comment Stora Enso & Karlstad University
Type Master thesis presentation
Title Development of an Image Processing Tool for Fluorescence Microscopy Analysis of Paper Chemistry
Abstract Making paper is today done on empirical knowledge. When adding additives and fines into the paper suspension it often works well but sometimes it happen something that can not be explained. Therefore one wants to follow the fines and additives during the process. To do this in an effective way a program that track the particles are needed. During this work four program have been developed and compared. The developed programs are Lucas Kanade, Lucas Kanade Inverse, Cross Correlation and Least Square. To point out the difference between the methods a simulator has been used. The programs have also been compared to manual tracking. The programs show similar results as manual tracking but they are faster.