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Presentation Information     2010-03-24 (09:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker S H Lau
Comment Xradia Inc.
Type External presentation
Title Novel lab based x-ray tomography system for multiscale 3D characterization
Abstract X-ray micro and nanotomography have been used to characterize variety of materials across lengthscales with synchrotron radiation sources. X-rays with their short electromagnetic wavelengths, have tremendous advantages for samples that have thickness from micrometers to centimeters. Conventional microCTs are resolution limited to the spot size of the x-ray source, sample dimension and working distance. They also have poor contrast for low z materials and biological tissue. We describe a novel suite of lab based x-ray computed tomography (CT) system capable of rapid imaging of complex biological specimen to composite materials across lengthscales. Resolution of MicroXCT is in submicron range while that of the nanoXCT is to sub 50 nm. The innovative optics also provide high contrast imaging of polymers and biological materials, often without the need for contrast agents. Imaging results on a variety of materials from bioscaffolds, soft tissue, composites, ceramics, geomaterials and electronics will be illustrated. Results will be contrasted with those obtained from synchrotron, SEMs, histology and MRI.

Speaker's Bio: S H Lau is the Vice President of Business Development for Xradia Inc, based in California. Xradia is the leading manufacturer of innovative high resolution x-ray optics and systems for synchrotron and laboratory. S H. has over 20 years experience in microscopy, material, electrical characterization and instrumentation- for semiconductor, advanced materials and biomedical applications. He has published several papers in material characterization and high resolution x-ray computed tomography.