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Presentation Information     2009-10-12 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Anders Hast
Title Improved Textures for 3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualization by a Modified Multiscale Texture Synthesis Approach
Abstract When photos of walls are used in urban 3D visualizations they are often of limited quality due to the fact that it can be very hard, or even impossible, to take close up photos of the whole part of walls, especially for buildings with several floors. Thus walls will appear either pixelized or blurry when the viewer comes close to them. The latter if some kind of interpolation technique is being used to reduce the pixelization. In any case it his has a big impact on how the viewer perceives the 3D environment as it will look far from real. It will be shown how a modified multiscale texture synthesis approach can be used to create highly detailed textures from photos with different levels of detail and scale. The novel idea is to switch colour space in order to improve both quality and speed. By using the HSV space it is possible to maintain colours, especially when the exemplar image does not contain all colours present in the target image. Moreover it will be shown how black and white photos can be upscaled and in the same time be given correct colors using the published method and some current work will also be presented.