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Presentationsinformation     2009-01-12 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Ewert Bengtsson
Titel Visions for IT - Checking the crystal ball trying to understand where the IT development is taking our universities
Sammanfattning In addition to my job here at CBA I am "rektorsråd" i.e. advisor to the vice chancellor of Uppsala University on IT and chair of the university IT council. Most of that work is various meetings on rather administrative matters, but I have also attempted to be a bit more visionary trying to inspire people to look a little bit beyond what is happening next week or year. For that I put together a presentation which was first given at the University senate in May 2007. Since then I have been asked to give the same presentation more than half a dozen times in Uppsala and also at national and international conferences. Even though the presentation has very little to do with computerized image analysis it may have some interest for you who normally attend our Monday seminars here at CBA. So that is what will be the topic of the first seminar of 2009.