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Presentation Information     2008-06-16 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Johannes Lwn
Type Master thesis presentation
Title Automatic Liquid Chromatography Rack Recognition
Abstract In a liquid flash chromatography system, an instrument is loaded with sample, solvents and vials to hold the resulting fractions. The system is then programmed to separate the solution into its components. The result is collected in vials that are placed in racks. Racks and vials come in a multitude of sizes and dimensions and cannot be controlled by the vendor. Multiple racks may be loaded into the system. The purpose of the project is to investigate options for automatic recognition of racks and determining presence of vials within the racks.
A prototype has been constructed to demonstrate how an imaging system can be integrated to the Isolera Flash Purification System. Images are acquired from a webcamera. The image analysis main objective is to identify the elliptical contours of the glass vials. The contours are extracted by detecting edges and ridges. The ellipse radius and position determines the rack type. A method of modifying the Hough transform is suggested that takes into account the local image orientation to find the ellipse centres. Certain design constraints such as size and cost are discussed to sketch how the solution could be industrialized.
The work has been carried out at Biotage AB and Centre for Image Analysis in Uppsala.