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Presentation Information     2007-09-24 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Lukas Ahrenberg
Comment MPI-Informatik
Type External presentation
Title Methods for digital holographic 3D displays
Abstract Generating content for holographic three dimensional display systems is a computationally heavy task. The problem differs from computer graphics approaches used for two dimensional displays. This talk will discuss a novel approach to Computer Generated Holography (CGH) from three dimensional models. We will review the principle of a Spatial Light Modulator based display, and discuss some existing rendering approaches. The presented method is the first results of a recent analytic approach to render wave fields and holographic interference patterns. We use mesh based 3D models, and show how to compute the light distribution from each triangle in the hologram plane. This allow rendering of solid objects rather than point clouds, while avoiding aliasing problems present in FFT-based approaches. The theory behind the technique is presented together with some first results.