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Presentation Information     2007-05-14 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Tomas Björklund
Type Master thesis presentation
Title 3D Pointer Using Stereo Imaging
Abstract Today, there are several advanced stereo imaging devices able to detect the 3D position of an object (or even of a hundred objects!), but for prices at around 50000 SEK and up. It should be possible to produce a product for only a 100th of that price, that can detect a 3D position for pointing purposes in 3D images, similar to how a mouse can point in 2D.

The goal of this master thesis project is to produce a low budget 3D pointer with two standard webcams connected to a normal PC.

By filtering out visible light and using an IR diode as pointer, the position in the images are determined with thresholding and connected component labeling followed by a camera calibration. A 3D position is calculated from the two 2D images with a home made geometric solution.

The result is a VC++ program that delivers new 3D coordinates in a user defined coordinate system every 25 ms. Despite the webcam's low resolution a relatively high precision is achieved. The performance is demonstrated in a 3D graphics engine.