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Previous Seminars at Vi2

2009-01-01 - 2009-06-01

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2009-01-12   15:15
Ewert Bengtsson Visions for IT - Checking the crystal ball trying to understand w...
2009-01-19   15:15
Kristin Norell Spatially-Variant Mathematical Morphology on Binary Images
2009-01-26   15:15
M Fredrik Engbrant Signal Extraction and Separation in Dynamic PET Studies Using Mas...
2009-02-02   15:15
Bettina Selig and Gustaf Kylberg I Know What You Did Last Summer
2009-02-09   15:15
E Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard Abdominal quantitative MRI and applications in clinical research
2009-02-16   15:15
Hamid Sarve Color Image Processing in FPGA
2009-02-23   15:15
Amalka Pinidiyaarachchi Rehearsal before the public defence of the thesis
2009-03-02   15:15
M Johan Olsson and Per-Edvin Svensson Automated method for generation of input function in PET studies ...
2009-03-09   15:15
Anders Brun Creativity for researchers
2009-03-16   15:15
E Bo Malmberg Human Geography—A Link between Image Analysis and the Social Scie...
2009-03-23   15:15
Lennart Svensson The ProViz project
2009-03-30   15:15
Amin Allalou 3DSWD and Improved Signal Detection by Combining Detection and Ve...
2009-04-03   10:15
M David Forslund Realtime scene analysis in infrared images
2009-04-06   15:15
Filip Malmberg Linear Interpolation with the Image Foresting Transform
2009-04-20   15:15
Ida-Maria Sintorn Gradient magnitude based intensity normalization for comparisons...
2009-04-27   15:15
Ingrid Carlbom and Gerald Pettersson Uppsala University Support for Innovation and Commercialization
UU Innovation
2009-05-04   15:15
M Christer Bergman Low cost real-time gaze tracker using a web camera
2009-05-11   15:15
Gunilla Borgefors Mathematics in the News(?)
2009-05-13   13:15
E Susana Mata Multiresolution representation of 3D objects using distance infor...
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid
2009-05-18   15:15
E Karl Krissian Presentation and Demonstration of the AMILab software for image p...
Grupo de Imagen, Tecnología Médica, y Televisión Department of Signal and Communications University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, Spain
2009-05-25   15:15
E Alex Olwal Unobtrusive augmentation of physical environments: Seamless empo...
School of Computer Science and Communication, The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

(*) If no place is specified: room 4307.

Seminar Types
E External presenter (speaker from outside Vi2)
M Master thesis presentation
CBA Image analysis
HCI Human-computer interaction