Orbit segmentation for cranio-maxillofacial surgery planning


A central problem in craniomaxillofacial (CMF) surgery is to restore the normal anatomy of the skeleton after defects, i.e., malformations, tumors and trauma to the face. There is ample evidence that careful preoperative planning can significantly improve the precision and predictability and reduce morbidity of the craniofacial reconstruction. In addition, time in the operating room can be reduced.

Orbit Segmentation

An important component in surgery planning is to be able to accurately measure the extent of certain anatomical structures. Of particular interest in CMF surgery are the shape and volume of the orbits (eye sockets). These properties can be measured in 3-dimensional CT images of the skull, but this requires the orbits to be extracted from the rest of the image, a process called segmentation. In this project, we are developing a semiautomatic system for segmenting the orbit. The video below shows our system in use.

Orbit segmentation with WISH from CBA_WISH on Vimeo.


When we interact with 3D objects, the sense of touch is an essential addition to our visual perception. Haptic-enabled input devices create new possibilities to design interfaces where the user can simultaneously explore and manipulate 3D data in an intuitive way. In this project, we are using the WISH-toolkit to develop haptic enabled applications.


Ingela Nyström
Filip Malmberg
Ewert Bengtsson
Johan Nysjö
Jan Michael Hirsh
Elias Messo


This project is supported by a grant from NovaMedTech.

Filip Malmberg
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