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Attended conferences

  1. Conference: Eurobioimaging Stakeholders Meeting 
    Ewert Bengtsson 
    Date: 20130121-20130122 
    Address: Vienna, Austria

  2. Conference: Science at the Edge of Computing 
    Gunilla Borgefors, Cris Luengo 
    Date: 20130215 
    Address: Ångström, UU

  3. Conference: Swedish symposium on image analysis (SSBA 2013) 
    Ewert Bengtsson, Gunilla Borgefors, Anders Brun, Ingrid Carlbom, Azadeh Fakhrzadeh, Kristina Lidayova, Elisabeth Linnér, Ingela Nyström, Johan Nysjö, Pontus Olsson, Alexandra Pacureanu, Martin Simonsson, Ida-Maria Sintorn, Robin Strand,  
    Date: 20130314-20130315 
    Address: Göteborg 

  4. Conference: AimDay Image 
    Ingrid Carlbom, Azadeh Fakhrzadeh, Cris Luengo, Filip Malmberg, Martin Simonsson, Alexandra Pacureanu, Bettina Selig, Robin Strand, Carolina Wählby 
    Date: 20130313 
    Address: Göteborg

  5. Conference: Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS) 
    Ingrid Carlbom 
    Date: 20130626-20130629 
    Address: Heidelberg, Germany

  6. Conference: SIGGRAPH'2013 
    Ingrid Carlbom 
    Date: 20130722-20130725 
    Address: Anaheim, CA, USA

  7. Conference: Nordic Symposium on Digital Pathology 
    Ingrid Carlbom 
    Date: 20131030-20131031 
    Address: Linköping

  8. Conference: Prostate Cancer: Epidemiology, Diagnostics, and Treatment 
    Ingrid Carlbom 
    Date: 20131106 
    Address: Karolinska Hospital, Solna

  9. Conference: Annual Meeting of the Swedish Society for Reconstructuve Microsurgery: Symposium on Head and Neck Reconstruction 
    Ingrid Carlbom, Fredrik Nysjö 
    Date: 20131115 
    Address: UU Hospital, Uppsala

  10. Conference: Swedish Bioimaging national workshop 
    Ewert Bengtsson 
    Date: 20130415 
    Address: Göteborg

  11. Conference: Elsevier Editor's Conference, London, England 
    Gunilla Borgefors 
    Date: 20130419-20130421 
    Address: London, England 
    Comment: Borgefors was invited as Editor-in-Chief of Pattern Recognition Letters.

  12. Conference: 11th International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology, ISMM 2013 
    Alexandra Pacureanu, Gunilla Borgefors, Ingela Nyström, Ida-Maria Sintorn, Elisabeth Linnér, Kristina Lidayova 
    Date: 20130526-20130529 
    Address: Ångström, Uppsala 
    Comment: Borgefors was General Chair. Nyström gave the "Welcome address".

  13. Conference: 18th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis 
    Ingela Nyström, Kristina Lidayova, Ewert Bengtsson 
    Date: 20130617-20130620 
    Address: Espoo, Finland 
    Comment: Nyström was chairing the session "3D Vision" and promoted ICPR 2014 in various ways. Bengtsson was session chair for one of the sessions.

  14. Conference: SciLifeLab Day 
    Carolina Wahlby, Alexandra Pacureanu, Petter Ranefall, Sajith Sadanandan Kecheril 
    Date: 20130826 
    Address: BMC, Uppsala

  15. Conference: 17th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing, ICIAP 2013 
    Gunilla Borgefors 
    Date: 20130911-20130913 
    Address: Naples, Italy 
    Comment: Borgefors was Session Chair.

  16. Conference: Medical Engineering Days 
    Ewert Bengtsson 
    Date: 20131001-20131002 
    Address: Munchenbryggeriet Conference Centre, Stockholm

  17. Conference: 9th IEEE International Conference on e-Science 
    Ingela Nyström 
    Date: 20131022-20131025 
    Address: Beijing, P. R. of China 
    Comment: Nyström was chairing the session "Visualization and Visual Analysis" and promoted ICPR 2014.

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