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Poster presentations - non-refereed conferences

  1. Conference: SciLifeLab Day 
    Alexandra Pacureanu 
    Date: 20130326 
    Address: BMC, Uppsala 
    Title: Optical microtomography as a 3D imaging technique accessible to every lab

  2. Conference: SciLifeLab Day 2013 
    Omer Ishaq 
    Date: 20130326 
    Address: BMC, Uppsala 
    Title: Automated quantification of Zebrafish tail deformation for high-throughput drug screening

  3. Conference: The X-Ray Week (``Röntgenveckan'') 
    Filip Malmberg 
    Date: 20130902-20130906 
    Address: Uppsala 
    Title: SmartPaint - a software for interactive segmentation of medical images (``SmartPaint - en mjukvara för interaktiv segmentering av medicinska bilder'')

  4. Conference: European BioImage Analysis Symposium, EUBIAS 
    Petter Ranefall 
    Date: 20131007-20131009 
    Address: Barcelona, Spain 
    Title: Viewing and analyzing slide scanner data using CellProfiler (work in progress)