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CBA is financed through the two universities and through research grants and contracts. A small part of the personnel expenses are covered by undergraduate education at UU, mostly by the PhD students of both universities, most of which teach 10-20% of their time. (The UU Lecturers' teaching appointments are not included in our finances.)

The summary in Table 1 describes our overall economy for 2009. Since part of our economy is handled at UU and part at SLU, this summary is based on joining the two accounts and clearing internal transactions between the universities. The numbers are rounded to the nearest 1000 SEK. The total expense turnover is thus 18 million SEK for 2009, up 0.7 million from 17.3 million SEK for 2008. The total income was was 17.4 million SEK so we had a small deficit this year. This was as expected since we had a surplus and we have been expanding our overall activities. Our administrative overhead turned out to cost somewhat less than budgeted so there we had a small surplus which can be balanced into next year's budget.

The same numbers for income and costs are also given as pie charts in Figure 1. Which projects that are financed by whom can be ascertained in Section 5, where each project is listed. Project grants which have been received but not used are directly balanced to next year and are thus not included in the income-cost tables.

Table 1: CBA income and costs for 2009 in kSEK.
Income   Costs  
UU 5249 Personnel 11072
SLU 4727 Equipment 366
UU rent compensation 1310 Operating exp. 4) 2894
Governmental grants 1) 3751 Rent 1437
Non-governmental grants 2) 1400 University overhead 2326
Contracts 3) 955    
Financial netto 37    
Total income 17429 Total cost 18095
1) The Swedish Research Council, SIDA
2) Research foundations, EU
3) Internal invoices and compensations
4) Including travel and conferences

Figure 1: CBA income (top) and costs (below) for 2009.

Image incomecost

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