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CBA is a joint entity belonging equally to Uppsala University (UU) and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), but administered through UU. Over the years the number of people working at CBA has varied considerably. We have now come back to the levels from 10 years ago with figures in the mid thirties. About 60% are employed by UU, the other 40% by SLU. The activity at CBA is similar to any department within a single university, but the administration becomes more complicated due to our close relation to two different universities. Our total turnover for 2009 was 18 million SEK which is up 0.7 million compared to 2008. Roughly speaking UU, SLU and external grants each provide one third of our income. For 2009 the proportions were more exactly: 38% from UU, 27% from SLU, and 35% from external sources.