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SizeIntervalPrecision (SIP) - A global thresholding algorithm based on object size

SizeIntervalPrecision is a freely distributed tool for global thresholding, implemented as plugins to ImageJ and CellProfiler. This software was developed at the Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala University. A description of SizeIntervalPrecision can be found in this publication:

Petter Ranefall, Carolina Wählby
Global Gray-level Thresholding Based on Object Size
Cytometry Part A, 89:4, 2016, pp. 385–390.

If you use this software for research purposes, please cite the aforementioned paper in any resulting publication.


SizeIntervalPrecision (ImageJ)
SizeIntervalPrecision (CellProfiler, requires CellProfiler 2.x)
SizeIntervalPrecision (CellProfiler, requires CellProfiler 3.0 or later)
SizeIntervalPrecision (CellProfiler, requires CellProfiler 4.0 or later)