PhD student supervision

Current students

  • Love Nordling, Dept. of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Uppsala University (Co-supervisor)
  • Marc Fraile Fabrega, Dept. of Information Technology, Uppsala University (Co-supervisor)
  • Nadezhda Koriakina, Dept. of Information Technology, Uppsala University (Co-supervisor)

Graduated PhD students

Master student supervision

  • Esraa Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed, Comparison of Deep Learning and Model-based Approaches for Spatial Profiling of the Immune Tumor Environment on Multiplex Image Data, Uppsala University, 2023 (Subject supervisor)
  • Love Nordling, Contrastive Multimodal Image Representations for Deformable Image Registration, Uppsala University, 2022 (Co-supervisor)
  • Marcello Pietro Vendruscolo, Certainty Estimation of Neural Networks for Out-of-Distribution Data in Oral Cancer Screening, Uppsala University, 2022 (Subject supervisor)
  • Davis Nicmanis, Deep Learning Based Focus Interpolation for Whole-Slide Images, Uppsala University, 2022 (Subject supervisor)
  • Christopher Rydell, CytoBrowser: a browser-based collaborative annotation platform for whole slide images, Uppsala University, 2021 (Subject supervisor)
  • Uvais Karni Mohideen Meera Sha, Pedestrian Multiple Object Tracking Using Deep Learning, Uppsala University, 2021 (Subject supervisor)
  • Tobias Hammarström,Towards Explainable Decision-making Strategies of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks: An exploration into current methods within explainable artificial intelligence and their ability to detect relevant and irrelevant information, with potential applications on oral cancer detection models, Uppsala University, 2020 (Subject supervisor)
  • Jiahao Lu, Evaluation of learning based methods for multimodal biomedical image registration, Uppsala University, 2020 (Subject supervisor)
  • Wei Peng, Extraction of gait parameters from video-data in the UDDGait-Step-study, Uppsala University, 2020 (Subject supervisor)
  • Victor Lindvall, Computer Vision-Based Method for Automated Inspection of Cable Connections, Uppsala University, 2020 (Subject supervisor)
  • Tristan Wright, Implementation and Evaluation of a Variety of Image Stitching Methods, Uppsala University, 2020 (Subject supervisor)
  • Jo Gay, Structural representation models for multi-modal image registration in biomedical applications, Uppsala University, 2019 (Subject supervisor)
  • Elin Smevige, Reduction of Metal Artefacts in CT Images Using the Generative Adversarial Network CycleGAN , Uppsala University, 2019 (Subject supervisor)
  • Felix Verpers, Evaluation and extension of stereo-visual SLAM using global optimization, Uppsala University, 2018 (Subject supervisor)
  • Sebastian Bas Kanå, Automatic landmark identification in digital images of Drosophila wings for improved morphometric analysis, Uppsala University, 2018 (Subject supervisor)
  • Erik Valldor, Person Detection in Thermal Images using Deep Learning, Uppsala University, 2018 (Subject supervisor)
  • Anders Gärdenäs, Denoising and renoising of video for compression, Uppsala University, 2017 (Subject supervisor)
  • Johan Öfverstedt, Similarity of Hybrid Object Representations With Applications in Object Recognition and Classification, Uppsala University, 2016 (Supervisor)
  • Yufan Miao, Landmark Detection for Mobile Eye Tracking, Uppsala University, 2016 (Subject supervisor)
  • Slobodan Dražić, Računarska analiza digitalnih dokumenata (in Serbian), FTN Novi Sad, 2012. (Supervisor)
  • Tibor Lukić, O nekim varijacionim problemima u segmentaciji digitalnih slika (in Serbian), FTN Novi Sad, 2008. (Supervisor)

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