MIDA Group @ Uppsala University


I am leading a research group focused on development of Methods for Image Data Analysis - MIDA group at the Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala University.

Many challenges in automated image analysis are common for all types of applications: how to handle variations in image quality, how to compare images, how to select, or learn, most suitable representations to reach the best performance, and how to understand and interpret results of the automated analysis. We aim at addressing some of these challenges, by developing robust, generally applicable methods, often evaluating them in the context of medical and biomedical applications.

MIDA group members

Nataša Sladoje, Senior lecturer in Computerized Image Processing
Joakim Lindblad, Senior researcher in Computerized Image Processing
Johan Öfverstedt, PhD student
Elisabeth Wetzer, PhD student
Karl Bengtsson Bernander, PhD student
Nadezhda Koriakina, PhD student

Associate MIDA members

Buda Bajić, PhD student at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad
Anindya Gupta, Postdoctoral researcher
Amit Seveer, PhD student