SplineGrip is a flexible haptic sculpting tool which senses the articulation and pose of the sculpting hand in eight DOF. The tool captures the hand articulation in two DOF, and uses a commercial haptic device that tracks the hand pose in six DOF while simultaneously providing three DOF haptic feedback. The eight DOF input is mapped to the pose and shape of a virtual representation of a sculpting tool (Figure 1), offering versatile interaction with a virtual model.

(a) (b) (c) (d)
Figure 1: Example of possible mapping between physical and virtual tool: (a) all fingers straight - the virtual sculpting tool becomes a line segment; (b) middle and ring fingers bent - the curvature of the tool changes; (c) thumb bent - the width of the tool changes; (d) both sensors bent - simultaneous control of curvature and width.
Figure 2: Video demonstration of SplineGrip.