Visualization and haptics for interactive medical image analysis

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The WISH toolkit contains algorithms and methods for interactive medical image analysis with volume visualization and haptics. The toolkit is licensed under the GNU public license (GPL).

The core of WISH is a stand-alone C++ library with implementations of various image analysis algorithms, visualization algorithms, and haptic rendering algorithms. In order to create an interactive application, the library has been integrated with the H3D API 1.5 which is a scene-graph API for visuo-haptic applications. H3D API supports Python scripting, so the user interface for WISH is made with Python's Tkinter package.

The WISH toolkit is the result of a research project in interactive medical image analysis conducted at the Centre for Image Analysis at Uppsala University in Sweden. The toolkit is mainly aimed for PhD students and other researchers in image analysis and related fields that can use the algorithms and ideas for their own research. However, anyone is more than welcome to download WISH to use it, test it, modify it, or improve it.

In order to use the toolkit, it is recommended that you have the following hardware:

and the following software:

The toolkit contains, among other things, implementations of the following:


Vidholm, E., Visualization and Haptics for Interactive Medical Image Analysis, PhD thesis, Uppsala University, 2008.

Projects using WISH

Orbit segmentation for cranio-maxillofacial surgery planning.


Download the WISH toolkit
Brief description of the toolkit (PDF)


Filip Malmberg
Erik Vidholm
Ingela Nyström
Ewert Bengtsson

Other links

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