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Examensarbeten vid CBA

Författare År Titel
Abdolrahim Kadkhodamohammadi 2012 Counting Sertoli Cells in Thin Testicular Tissue
Alexander Lindstedt 2012 Stabilization of handheld firearms using image analysis
Krishna Paudel 2012 Stitching of X-ray Images
Marcus Edvinsson 2012 Implementing the circularly polarized light method for determining wall thickness of cellulosic fibres
Prabhu Mani 2012 Seed Surface Measurements From Multiple Views
Alexander Denev 2011 Digital Distance Functions Defined by Sequence of Weights
Elhassan M Abdou 2011 Visual Planning and Verification of Deep Brain Stimulation Interventions
Fraz Ali 2011 Image Analysis for Grain Quality Assessment (confidential report)
Fredrik Nysjö 2011 Rendering Software for Multiple Projectors
Guoliang Luo 2011 Evaluation of a Model-free Approach to Object Manipulation in Robotics
Johan Nysjö 2011 Orbit Segmentation for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery Planning
Sadan Ekdemir 2011 Efficient Implementation of Polyline Simplification for Large Datasets and Usability Evaluation
Shuo Li 2011 Registration of 3D Volumetric CT Images
Sitao Feng 2011 Image Analysis on Wood Fiber Cross-Section Images
Ulf Hammarqvist 2011 Audio Editing in the Time-Frequency Domain Using the Gabor Waqvelet Transform
Chetan Nagaraja 2010 Implementation of 3D Imaging for Two-photon Laser Scanning Microscopy
Daniel Skog 2010 Gait-based Reidentification of People in Urban Surveillance Video
Erik Almlöf 2010 Vad är viktigast i staden? Utveckling av ett lokaliseringsverktyg för stadsplanering
Francisco Cruz Fernández 2010 Nuclei segmentation on bright-field images
Fredrik Olsson 2010 Visualization of Military Camp Sites. A thesis about using 3D techniques
Javier Fernández 2010 Image Processing to Detect Worms
Jim Björk 2010 Evaluation of a Holographic 3D Display
Nils Törnblom 2010 Underwater 3D Surface Scanning using Structured Light
Sandra Gómez 2010 Synthetic 3D Pap smear nucleus generation
Ying Wang 2010 Analysis Application for H.264 Video Encoding
Christer Bergman 2009 Low cost real-time gaze tracker using a web camera
Erik Ahlberg 2009 A Sense-and-Avoid Algorithm for Manned Aircrafts and UAVs : Using Object Motion in Video Streams
Fredrik Engbrant 2009 Signal Extraction and Separation in PET Studies With Different Time Protocols Using MVW-PVA
Johan Olsson 2009 Automated Method for Generation of Input Function in PET Studies Using MVW-PC Images
Nils Lenngren 2009 k-uniform tilings by regular polygons
Per-Edvin Svensson 2009 Characterization and Reduction of Noise in PET Data Using MVW-PVA
Robin Kuivinen 2009 Evaluation of Image Compression Algorithms for Electronic Shelf Labels
Wenlan Yang 2009 Image Analysis for Marker-less Facial Tracking
Carl Krusell 2008 Simulering av MR-bildartefakter orsakade av inhomogenitet i det statiska magnetfältet Bo
Johannes Löwén 2008 Automatic Liquid Chromotography Rack Recognition
Marcus Molander 2008 Quantitative image analysis of Cherenkov light from nuclear fuel assemblies
Martin Ericsson 2008 3DIS4U: Design and Implementation of a Distributed Visualization System with a Stereoscopic Display
Martin Norling 2008 Improving face recognition using textual annotation
Qing Gu 2008 Finding and Segmenting Human Faces
Amin Allalou 2007 Algorithm design for signal detection in fluorescence microscopy images of cells
Anders Berggren 2007 Image Analysis Methods for Measuring the Outer Layer in the Secondary Cell Wall of Wood Cells
Daniel Fransson 2007 Noise reduction of X-ray microtomography images of paper using anisotropic filtering methods
Johannes Lärkner 2007 Vattennivåavläsning med kamerateknik – att ersätta gamla rutiner med ny teknik
Max Koszela 2007 Measurement of filler content in paper. A Master Sciences thesis on induced fluorescence photography and digital image analysis
Tomas Björklund 2007 3D pointer using stereo imaging
Björn Nilsson 2006 Non-contact quality measurements of open die forging. Development of a laser triangulation system
Carl-Johan Otterheim 2006 Bildsegmentering för Alcro färgsättningsprogram /Beckers Painter
Filip Malmberg 2006 3D live-wire: Semi-automatic segmentation of volume images in a haptic environment
Jesper Renck 2006 Automatisk kameraövervakning av spillfåran för att öka allmänhetens säkerhet
Johan Östrand 2006 An optical character recognition method for an automatic number plate recognition application applied to Swedish number plates
Jonas Jämtberg 2006 Bildanalys av strömavtagare
Mikael Lönnberg 2006 Skanner som detektionsinstrument
Olena Tankyevych 2006 Automated Abdominal Tissue Segmentation of Multi-Contrast Magnetic Resonance Images
Per Uddholm 2006 Estimation of Local Fibre Orientation in Paper using Steerable Filters
Petter Holmberg 2006 Contour Extraction and Modelling of Horses using Background Subtraction and Active Shape Models
Yao Wang 2006 Improved Segmentation and Classification of Seeds
Åsa Berglund 2006 The Impact of NEQ on Detectability of Microcalcifications in Mammography
Axel Hjälm 2005 Registration of Retinal Images
Jakob Sandström, Harald Klomp 2005 Quality Imagery and Video using Inexpensive UAV Technology by Determining Camera Motion and 3D Structure
Johan Ljung 2005 Automatic Content-Based Filtering of Television News
Kristin Norell 2005 Determining bark content in wood-chips for pulping with computerized image analysis
Markus Hansen 2005 Utvärdering av visionsystem för kontroll av infusionspåsar
Mathias Klippinge 2005 Characterization and Differentiation of Fungal Spores using Image Analysis
Per Holting 2005 Easy-to-use object selection by color space projections and watershed segmentation
Emma Gustafsson 2004 Registration of tomographic animal volume images From microPET, CT and MRT
Erik Andersson 2004 Leprechaun - A Program for Image Analysis
Erik Cedheim 2004 Visualization of the three dimensional fibre structure of paper
Ingemar Holmkvist 2004 Layer Segmentation in Cross-section Images of Board
Jonas Agmund 2004 Real-time surface rendering for interactive volume image segmentation in a haptic environment
Maria Petterson, Johan Andrén Dinerf 2004 Multi-camera arrangement for automatic milking
Maria Sannes Lande 2004 Image analysis as a tool for characterization of layering in stratified paper
Pontus Olsson 2004 Automatic Classification of Images Detected in Gyrolab(tm)
Simon Hensing 2004 Develpment of the fiber orientation analyzer SPADES: a system using polarization-axis direction estimation
Tomas Lundström, Henrik Boström 2004 Computer-based Morphometric Assessment of Spiral Ganglion Neurite Outgrowth in Vitro Using Image Processing
Åsa Odell 2004 Automatic Method for Acquiring Paper Cross Section Images Using a Scanning Electron Microscope
Arvid Emtegren 2003 Användning av smart kamera för inspektion av topografi och glans hos blanka objekt [Swedish]
Daniel Eliasson 2003 On measuring the Intersection Length of a Line and a Digital Volume
Erik Vidholm 2003 A tool for filtering and vizualisation of digital images in Fourier domain
Hannah Myerscough 2003 3D Visualisation of Sonar Coverage Data
Karl Bolin, Johan Helgesson 2003 Automatic image analysis of measurements of cracks on large concrete structures
Magnus Blomberg 2003 Att plocka oordnade såghandtag och noggrant lägesbestämma enskilda handtag [Swedish]
Robin Strand 2003 Detektion av slitna strömavtagare med hjälp av datoriserad bildanalys [Swedish]
Anna Persson 2002 Algorithm for warping gel images produced in 2D electrophoresis experiments
Björn Johansson 2002 Road Sign Recognition from a moving vehicle
Roya Khomand 2002 Bildanalys av Gjutjärn [Swedish]
Torgil Svensson 2002 Implemetation and evaluation of image analysis based seed Classification and sorting system
Åke Helgstrand 2001 Java och karthantering [Swedish]
Alexander Lakic 2001 Biometrics: Face verification/Recognition
Andreas Lingvall, Mattias Björkman 2001 Vision Based Road Departure Alarm and Lane Change Aid
Björn Menze 2001 Feasibility Study: Parametrisation of the Size Distribution of Biofuel (Wooden Aggregates) by Methods of Image Analysis
Cédric Cano 2001 Processing methods for hexagonal grids
Erik Linderstam 2001 A tool for interactive design of 3D filters
Henrik Hindbeck 2001 Real-time generation and display for moving vehicles
Johan Olofsson 2001 Implementation and Evaluation of a Person-Tracking System
Jonas Sundin 2001 Identification of food packages through image analysis
Patrick Karlsson 2001 Automatic License Plate Detection
Benjamin Björknäs 2000 Non-rigid registration of Medical Images
Hamed Hamid Muhammed 2000 Using Independent Component Analysis for Hyperspectral Images
Ida-Maria Sintorn 2000 3D reconstruction and optical density measurements of TEM micrographs of GPG treated HIV-1
Mattias Jacobsson 2000 Automatic geographical matching of LIDAR data and CARABAS radar images
Petra Frank 2000 A method to characterize the material distribution in paper
Fredrik Sörhede 1998 Utveckling och tester av metoder för datoriserad... [Swedish]
Gunnar Lindahl 1998 Volymsvisualisering av data från medicinska... [Swedish]
Hannes Edvardson 1998 Shape description in 2 and 3 dimensions by...
Fredrik Lidberg 1997 Classification in multi-spectral forest scenes using...
Haideh Azadali 1997 Noise suppression in MR Angigraphy projection...
Joakim Lindblad 1997 Image Analysis for real-time quality control
Johan Steensland 1997 Interactive Color Gamut Mapping
Lars Bergqvist 1997 Using texture of remotely sensed images for...
Magnus Hazell, Glenn Sundberg 1997 Utvärdering av kommersiell användbarhet hos VRML och förslag till applikation för Internet [Swedish]
Stefan Möller 1997 A 3D Visualization Module for the Computerized...
Anna Svärd 1996 Utveckling av Windowsbaserat automatisk... [Swedish]
Fredrik Lingvall 1996 Detection of small airborne targets in visual...
Kenneth Jonsson 1996 Digital Image Analysis of Clumps and Clusters...
Roger Hult 1996 3D reconstruction of insects's ganglion
Tobias Öhman 1996 Image analysis algorithms for inspection...
Tomas Holm 1996 Target Detection in IR (Infra Red) video
Anders Hessel 1995 WWW for CBA
Gunnar Thalin 1995 Generating Digital Elevation Models...
Christer Karlsson 1994 Fourier descriptors
Christian Hansen, Björn Jonsson 1994 Multispektral klassning av kuster med satellitfjärranalys [Swedish]
Daniel Wedjesjö 1994 Zooming from Uppsala to outer space
Johan Hägglund 1994 Icke-kvadratiska bildelement [Swedish]
Johan Wedjesjö 1994 Texture analysis
Mats Melin 1994 Matching of objects in image
Nhils Forslund 1994 Automatic transfer of satellite images... [Swedish]
Anders Höglund 1993 3D-rek. av en serie 2D-transm EM bilder [Swedish]
Hans Frimmel 1993 3D visualisering [Swedish]
Thomas Lundin 1993 Fred ett interakt. pgm design bildbeh. filter [Swedish]
Ingemar Björklund 1992 Bildvisning under Windows [Swedish]
Per-Urban Delfin 1992 Utvärdering av program för bildanalysb. dat. av oolit.... [Swedish]
Catherine Westerlund 1991 Analysis of image sequences from PET...
Christian Bartholdsson 1991 Mapping of submarine oolitic forms....
Petter Ranefall 1991 Ein bidirektionaler Renderer [German]
Ingela Nordhage 1990 Användar gränssnitt för bilddigital. med video [Swedish]
Finn Pedersen 1988 An inv. conc. det. of metast. liver w. MRT
Håkan Sjöö 1988 IGIM - Imnet general interface module
Lise-Lott Wesslund 1988 Olika metoder för ickeförstörande bildkomprimering [Swedish]